Welcome to the Gaijin Group

What's a gaijin?  Who is a gaijin?  Are you a gaijin?


The Gaijin Group is a place where people who have spent a significant amount of time in Japan can meet others, exchange stories, network, provide support and socialize.  This group is for "foreigners" or those considered "gaijins" in Japan.  Were you an expat?  Missionary?  Professor?  Teacher?  Student?  Chef?  Athlete?  Artist?  Diplomat?  Businessman?  Businesswoman?  With the military?  Or, did you live there as a child with your parent(s) who held one of these professions? 


Spending time in Japan as a gaijin has its benefits and pitfalls.  Sometimes it takes another gaijin to truly appreciate our respective experiences in Japan.  Find them here.  Find them in your town.  Exchange stories.  Laugh.  Complain.  Network.  Share the location of your secret and favorite ramen shop.  The goal of the Gaijin Group is to create a space where gaijins from all over the world can find each other.


What happens when you return "home" and "home" no longer feels like "home"?  How did you deal with counter culture shock?  Who did you go to for support?  The Gaijin Group is a resource for those repatriating back to their "home" country.  It can feel lonely to not have anyone understand how important that really good gyoza place was to you.  How many of your new neighbors understand how important shodo is to you?  Can you talk to your colleagues at work the same way you could talk to your friends in Japan?  There will be people at the Gaijin Group who will get you.  They will introduce you to other gaijins who will also get you.  You then spread the word to other gaijins you meet along the way so they have a place to go to find others like you.  Spread the word.  You'll be amazed at the connections you make.  Total strangers will feel like long-lost cousins.


We are thrilled about the interest the online community is showing in the Gaijin Group.  Find more people online via Facebook and LinkedIn where the Gaijin Group has an established presence.

Support Us!

We need you to spread the word.  You can help.  Tell your friends about the Gaijin Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Post questions.  Give input. 


Act locally.  There are most definitely gaijins living near you.  Find them.  Invite them to coffee.  Learn their stories.  Share yours.  The best kept secrets are spread by word of mouth.