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  • Miles S. (Thursday, January 13 11 09:06 am EST)

    Hello All,
    I worked with Amya 20 years ago and learned to appreciate her unique way of seeing the world. Following several trips to Japan, I found that I better understood some of her views of the world.
    (Desire for prompt meetings). During our work together we had many discussions and it was nice to see that with Amya, no topic was off limits. It is great to see that Amya is still looking to help
    others overcome obstacles in life. I am glad that her time in America has not diminished her drive for her place in this world.

  • Amya (Wednesday, December 29 10 04:17 pm EST)

    Hi Johanna, Mike and Lily! Welcome!

    You might want to check out They have really good resources for people like us. :)

    Hey! Thanks for finding the site.

    Let's keep in touch! I have someone who can help you with your Japanese resume.

  • Lily (Wednesday, December 22 10 07:22 pm EST)

    I lived in Japan for a few years with my parents when I was a child. I spent most of the rest of my formative years in Hong Kong and have recently been repatriated to England. And it's weird. Weird
    and uncultured.

  • Mike (Friday, December 17 10 03:30 pm EST)

    Hi, i'm Mike

  • Johanna Knapschaefer (Thursday, December 09 10 10:33 pm EST)

    Hi Amya,

    Beautiful work on your site and blog posts. Love your cabbage patch story. I can see the lovers locked in an embrace :). So glad to hear you contacted Tanaka-san and that he wants to include you and
    others in his planned collaboration. I also mentioned him to Terry. Take care and looking forward to your party in January. I may need advice on posting my resume in Japanese. Really need to do that
    sometime soon.

    Happy Holidays!


Hi Miles!

Awww, shucks Miles.

Thank you for what you wrote!  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond.  Very kind of you to remember me and to be able to see my idiosyncrasies as something other than just plain weird.  How have you been?????